IHDE Trainer: 

Training Materials Offered:

eLearning: Short, interactive learning module which guides you through a topic and provides an opportunity to engage with the features of the Clinical Portal.

Mini-Videos: Short screen-by-screen videos, no longer than 7mins in length, which guide the audience through Clinical Portal Navigation and explain the different features therein.

Webinars: Live, collaborative training utilizing webcasting services. Contact IHDE Trainer for details.

Printed Materials: Printable guides with screenshots which can be referenced at a later date.

  • Clinical Portal (CP) Overview (Required)
  • CP Find a Patient
  • CP Messaging
  • CP Reset Password
  • CP Send to EMR
  • CP User Settings
  • CP Worklists
  • Onboarding
  • Security Administrator Tips
  • CP Subscriptions & Notifications

On-site Training is also offered. For more details, please contact the IHDE Trainer.


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