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“Being able to leverage the IHDE for the image exchange and the whole patient record itself, without having to build that connectivity to all of the other sites is quite a cost savings for us. The cost I would have to pay for network administrators to maintain the connections with all of the other practices over the last ten years would far surpass the cost to connect to the IHDE.”

– Curtis Fryer, CIO, Clearwater Valley and St. Mary’s Hospitals

“This past weekend I had a patient who came in with very complex complaints and a long medical history. IHDE gave me the clarity to pull it together and to figure out how to proceed. I accessed her record looking for a specific data point from the past and found out that within the past couple of days she had been seen at another facility for exactly the same thing for which she was seeing me. She had not mentioned that during my initial assessment. I am certain that I would have gone through the whole visit and not known that three days earlier she had been treated at another facility for the exact same set of problems under the same set of circumstances. So, suddenly with those prior records her current visit was immediately clear to me. I saw that she had had a comprehensive evaluation, and I didn’t need to repeat a lot of things, it was all right there. ” I’ve been surprised. I go into a patient’s record looking for an X-ray report and I find that they had an EKG report and a cardiac cath report two months earlier. I get questions answered that I didn’t even know to ask. Eventually, this is going to fundamentally change the way we do our information gathering on our patients. It’s a great service.”

– L. Tad Cowley, M.D. Emergency Medicine of Idaho Emergency Department Medical Director, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center Boise, ID

“You mentioned earlier that one of the keys to making this all work is having other facilities connected to the IHDE and sharing and exchanging their images. Even if physicians don’t have an IHDE connection, however, they can still have an IHDE login and obtain your images and data from your hospitals in Orofino and Cottonwood through the IHDE.”

– Gary Larson, EVP & GM, eHealth Technologies