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Launch of Orion Health HIE Clinical Portal

Idaho Health Data Exchange Launches Orion Health HIE Clinical Portal

Enhanced clinical data and functionality with one log-on access to patient data and images across systems

Boise, Idaho, December 8, 2015 – The Idaho Health Data Exchange announced today the launch of the new Clinical Portal by Orion Health.

The Clinical Portal provides a single unified view of patient data across and between healthcare organizations via an easy-to-use web-based portal that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Ease of use and configurability enable improved clerical and clinical workflow for clinicians in Idaho and the region to quickly and easily connect, coordinate and collaborate on their patients’ care.

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IHDE-Orion Health Go-Live Postponement

Tuesday, September 16, 2014     Project Update

IHDE – Orion Health “Go-Live” date has been postponed

The original September 30th planned “go-live” date on to the new IHDE-Orion Health HIE platform has been postponed. This decision is a result of several factors which confirm that this transition is very complex. This postponement, however, will result in a smoother transition and improved product performance for all customers. In the meantime, be assured that the IHDE Virtual Health Record (VHR) is fully functional and will continue in operation until further word from us.

A revised implementation timeline and specific date for the go-live date will be forthcoming. As we move closer to completion, we will announce training dates and locations for enrollment.

Should you have questions or concerns about this change, feel free to contact me at 208-332-7253 or at scarrell@idahohde.org

Thank you for your continued support for this essential service enhancement.

Scott Carrell

Executive Director

Idaho Health Data Exchange

450 West State Street, P.O. Box 6978

Boise, ID  83707

IHDE Transitions to New Solution

The IHDE has selected Orion Health to replace our existing HIE solution. The planning, migration and implementation of Orion Health is targeted for completion in 2014.

With Orion Health, the IHDE will have a much more flexible and scalable core solution, offering greater value at no additional fees to existing IHDE participants.

Some immediate core benefits:

  • The existing Virtual Health Record (VHR) will be replaced by Orion’s clinical portal…a more expansive offering
  • Customized clinical portal view for individual users, mapping to the medical staff’s unique workflows
  • Notifications (ADT Alerts – ER/Hospital Admissions, new report received, etc.)
  • Secure Messaging between IHDE participants
  • Greater browser compatibility (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and mobile device enabled
  • Immunization Registry Gateway

Available Options:

  • Reports / Analytics
  • Patient Portal
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • “Direct” Secure Messaging
  • Public Health Reporting
  • As always, we will continue to offer our HIE solution in a consistently private and secure environment.

As we move forward with the Orion Health implementation, the IHDE integration and marketing staff will be scheduling communication, planning and training sessions with each IHDE participant.

Please refer to our website for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding this exciting change. As always, please contact us with any questions you and/or your teams may have.

Thank you for being a valuable participant with the IHDE. Your partnership and feedback has helped guide us through this decision-making process and has allowed us to offer you greater benefits and higher value.


Scott Carrell
Executive Director
Idaho Health Data Exchange