Idaho Health Data Exchange provides value to a wide variety of individuals and organizations working in the healthcare space.

Whether it’s medications lists, test results, or complete care summaries, the information providers need is available electronically, at their fingertips. IHDE can deliver real-time patient information to your electronic health record (EHR) or you can query for your patient via our secure web portal. Even lab results can be sent directly to your EHR from the performing lab.

Effective transitions are crucial to preventing complications and ensuring positive health outcomes. When a patient is transitioned from provider to provider or from care setting to care setting, it is important for all providers treating the patient to know the details of the patient’s prior treatment and medications in order to ensure continuity of care and proper medication management. IHDE provides critical, timely data about patients and their encounters to assist providers that are performing care coordination and to help care coordinators working as part of a health plan.

A comprehensive patient medical history will be available anywhere you are to improve accessibility. You can access information from your office, home, and when you’re out of the area via the Internet. Depending on the capabilities of your EMR, can be electronically routed to other providers in your office, including authorized staff such as medical records staff, Physician’s Assistants (PA) etc. If you need the information in paper format, it can easily be printed and placed into the patient’s chart.

Timely and efficient care coordination is a must for health plans and other payer organizations to truly improve their health, produce the best possible outcomes, and reduce health care costs. But care coordination isn’t easy. Incomplete, delayed, or missing health information about a member can have serious consequences, including medication errors, unnecessary or repetitive diagnostic tests, unnecessary emergency room visits, and preventable hospital admissions and re-admissions.

Medications, allergies, lab and radiology results, care summaries, and other critical patient information is available in IHDE Clinical Portal so you no longer need to manually track down records and results from multiple providers.

Benefits to you: