Clinical Portal

Idaho Health Data Exchange provides participating entities and providers with the ability to securely look up and retrieve patient medical record information. IHDE currently has four models of connecting participants.

Connection Types:

This model allows participants to access the clinical portal and manually search and view records. Information from your organization would not be included in the record using this model.

Inbound Interface

Patient records are delivered from a connected organization’s EMR/EHR interface to IHDE. In this model, information from your organization would be included in the patient’s record but would not be transmitted out into your EMR/EHR.

Outbound Interface

Patient records are delivered to the connected organization’s EMR/EHR platform from IHDE’s platform. In this model, information will go directly to your organization, but information on the patient would not be shared out on to IHDE’s platform.

Bidirectional Interface

Bi-Directional Interface

Delivers patient records from a participant’s EMR/EHR system to IHDE’s clinical portal, and the organization’s EMR/EHR system receives patient records from IHDE’s system.

Your Organization is Unique. So is Your Connection.

Each EMR/EHR system looks different, and each organization’s needs are unique. IHDE tailors each connection to your system, creating a seamless interface for viewing patient data. To determine what your connection looks like, IHDE will work with your EMR/EHR vendor to find the best solution. Regardless of your connection type,  all participants with connected interfaces also have access to our Clinical Portal service.

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