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A Participant is defined as an organization or entity utilizing Clinical Portal, HIE, and/or DMS services for purposes of secure, encrypted exchange of Protect Health Information (PHI).

The above document provides instructions for executing an Idaho Health Data Exchange Participation Agreement between your organization and IHDE.

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Step 1

Review and sign the Participation Agreement. This is the base document for participation in all Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) activities and is required to participate in any of the IHDE programs. Participant must sign this form. Note: A Participant is defined as an organization or entity, not as a specific individual. Only an authorized signatory may sign the Agreement on behalf of the organization.

Step 2

Review, select, and sign your method of connection on our IHDE Participant Services and Pricingform.

Step 3

Review and sign the  Business Associate Addendum.

Step 4

Review, appoint, and sign the Security Administrator (SA) form. An SA must be appointed to manage your facility’s user count.

Step 5

Scan, fax or mail the executed documents to IHDE at:

Fax: 1-208-803-0031
Mail: PO BOX 6978, Boise, ID 83707

For questions call:  208-803-0030, x0
or our Toll-Free #: 844-379-1013