Timely and efficient care coordination is a must for health plans and other payer organizations to truly improve their health, produce the best possible outcomes, and reduce health care costs. But care coordination isn’t easy. Incomplete, delayed, or missing health information about a member can have serious consequences, including medication errors, unnecessary or repetitive diagnostic tests, unnecessary emergency room visits, and preventable hospital admissions and re-admissions. Often, you may not become aware of your members’ emergency department (ED) or other hospital visits until you receive the claim resulting from the visit – which can be up to 30 days after the event. During this time, members may have had even more hospital or ED visits.

In addition to improving care coordination, timely clinical information on your members can also help reduce the administrative burdens associated with gathering data for quality reporting programs. Often, obtaining the data necessary for reporting in these programs is a manual and time-intensive process.

If you’re looking for effective and efficient care coordination and to reduce your organizations administrative burden IHDE can help by communicating your members’ information appropriately, consistently and without delay.

  • Provide more efficient and effective care coordination.
  • Reduce time and effort spent gathering data for quality reporting programs.
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital visits and diagnostic tests.