Want to learn more about the Idaho Health Data Exchange? Please see our FAQs below.

Yes. You have the right to request to restrict disclosure of your health information, also known as “opting out”. You can choose whether or not to make your health information available to providers participating in IHDE. Restricting disclosure (opting out) means your health information through IHDE will not be viewable or usable.

  •  The indicator for sharing your health information will be set to “NO”.
  •  Your name, date of birth and gender will be the only available information retained.

You do not have to make your health information available through IHDE to receive health care. However, if you choose to restrict disclosure of your health information, it may affect what information your provider has available when providing you care, and the benefits of the IHDE will not be available to you. Your decision to restrict disclosure through IHDE applies only to the sharing of information through IHDE. It does not affect other methods for sharing health information between your provider or health insurers.

Complete, sign and submit a Request to Restrict Disclosure (also known as “opt out”) form. You can submit a request to opt out using the form found here.

You can also request to restrict disclosure of your minor child’s health information using the same form and process.

You can also request a separate restriction of your health information with your individual providers

Physicians and their medical staff need your current and past health history to accurately diagnose and treat you. Each physician who treats you may have just a portion of your medical record. When providers access each other’s records through the IHDE, they have more complete health information and make informed decisions that ultimately lend to better care for their patients.

Information shared through the IHDE is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). HIPAA regulates the use and/or disclosure of your personal health information for purposes of treatment, payment, and operations.

IHDE and participating providers use a combination of safeguards to protect your health information. Technical safeguards include encryption, password protection, and audit logs that track every participant’s use of the system. Administrative safeguards include written policies that require limited access to information through IHDE. All participating providers must agree to follow these policies. All participating providers are also regulated by HIPAA, and other federal and state privacy laws. They must have their own policies and other safeguards in place, including policies to train their staff and limit access to those who have a need to know.

Currently, your health information is shared between health care providers by telephone, fax, mail carrier, or through limited computer networks. These processes take time, are costly and may impose a burden on you or your health care provider. IHDE allows a participant such as a physician, to locate records from another data source participant, such as a hospital in a matter of minutes. It can result in your provider having a more complete and accurate health record.

Yes. If you restrict disclosure, you can change your mind and revoke the request, also known as “opting back in”. You can call IHDE or visit the IHDE website to find out how to revoke the request. Your signature on a request to revoke a restriction must be notarized. When you revoke a request to restrict, all the information that has been gathered since you made your request will be available through IHDE.

Authorized users of the Idaho Health Data Exchange can access your medical information including:

  •  Lab and X-ray results
  •  Transcribed diagnostic and treatment records
  •  Medical diagnosis information, including HIV
  •  Medication allergies
  •  Medications you are currently taking
  •  Immunization history
  •  Insurance plan coverage information which displays only for eligibility verification purposes.

IHDE will maintain up to seven (7) years of medical record information.

With the exception of medication history, participating providers will not share records related to:

  • Alcohol or substance abuse treatment programs (or information likely to be used by such programs);
  •  HIV test results; or
  •  Mental health information protected under 42 CFR Part 2.

The medication history available through IHDE may indicate a substance abuse issue, or mental health condition.

While it is an important resource tool in caring for you, IHDE does not take the place of your medical record.

IHDE is a secure statewide internet-based health information exchange with the goal of improving the quality and coordination of health care in Idaho.

IHDE enables healthcare providers and medical staff quick, secure access to important health information about their patients at the point of care.

For help understanding the benefits of IHDE and for more information, please contact us at:

  • Phone: (208) 803-0030
  •  e-Mail: info@Idahohde.org

Health care providers, this includes physicians, mental health providers, and medical staff who are enrolled to participate in IHDE. As required in our program, these participants may ONLY access data for purposes of treatment, payment, and healthcare operations which promote efficiency of communication in care, patient safety, and enhance patient health. These participants also have to abide by the IHDE programs and policies which include privacy, security and HIPAA standards. Use of the IHDE system for any other reason is strictly prohibited.

There are several IHDE participants accessing the IHDE system. You can obtain a current list of IHDE participants by visiting our participants page.

By using IHDE, physicians and medical staff can quickly access information such as lab test results that another provider may have ordered. Making this information available to a physician treating you enables them to make more informed decisions regarding your care. Having access to this information may also reduce the number of tests that are ordered which can help save you time and money.

With the information provided through IHDE, your physician and medical staff can review your current medications. This can help ensure you are not given medications to which you are allergic or that should not be taken with another medication.

Through IHDE, emergency physicians and staff can get vital medical information to treat you in case of an emergency when you might not be able to communicate.

Benefits to you: