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IHDE Stakeholder Survey June 2019

Thank you to all who participated in the recent Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) Stakeholder Survey. IHDE is grateful for the time you took to provide feedback and appreciates your continued commitment to improve patient care.

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Everyone who completed the survey was eligible to receive one (1) of three (3) Amazon gift cards. Winners were selected through a random name selector. IHDE has contacted the winners to disperse our prizes.

Thank you again you again for your participation!

How does a Health Information Exchange help me, as a patient?


What do HIEs DO for patients?

December 10, 2018

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE), where are they getting my information and why are they exchanging it? These are the most common questions received by HIEs from patients in their regions. Working with Protected Health Information (PHI) is a high-stakes job, so there is plenty to be concerned about as far as HIPAA compliance and security of the exchange. Let’s go through these questions one by one:

What is an HIE? An HIE is a secure, limited sharing of electronic health information among medical providers to improve patient care. The key words are, IMPROVE PATIENT CARE, which answers the question, Why are they exchanging my information? In the field of Public Health, specialists work to promote healthy lifestyles and health education in order to serve one goal: to improve public health. In a 2018 study of the impact of HIEs, it was discovered that the benefits of HIEs for patients include “fewer duplicated procedures, reduced imaging, lower costs, and improved patient safety,” (Menachemi, Rahukar, Harle & Vest). That is why HIEs exist.

Where are they (HIEs) getting my information? Your medical records are made by your doctors, nurses, and lab results. Hospitals and clinics these days have moved from the unreliability of paper charts and turned to the security of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Each Hospital and Clinic may have their own EMR, and that helps them in the continued treatment of their own patients, but what if a patient moves? What if you arrive at an Emergency Department, unable to speak for yourself, and in urgent need of quick treatment? How does your doctor know that treating you with this medicine rather than that medicine won’t cause a fatal reaction?

HIEs make connections with the EMRs of Hospitals and Clinics all over the region. This means that an HIE can create one patient chart for you, combining information collected from all of the hospitals and clinics you have visited, for the most complete view of your medical history. Who has access to my information? Only the people directly involved in your treatment and care can access it. Those people are trained medical professionals who must go through rigorous approval processes to ensure they understand the privacy and security required for the information they are accessing, and exchanges are regularly audited and assessed for improper access. Your information cannot be accessed out of curiosity, your employer cannot access your records.

HIEs were made in collaboration with public health agencies, keeping your health in mind. Patient health is the very reason why HIEs exist. Idaho Health Data Exchange (the HIE for Idaho, also known as IHDE) has heard many stories first-hand about how the exchange has been helpful to patients. In one such instance, a gentleman went to a health clinic that participates with IHDE on a Friday morning. His primary care physician (PCP) determined that he needed a lab result from a specialty clinic before treatment could move forward. The PCP needed it immediately before his condition worsened. With the weekend close upon them, however, it looked probable that the gentleman may have to wait too long for the results using normal channels. He may end up in the emergency department before a treatment plan could be drawn up. Luckily, the specialty clinic was also a member of IHDE and the patient was able to be seen that day, and his test results were immediately sent securely and electronically back to his PCP the that same afternoon via IHDE. He was able to return to his PCP and receive his treatment plan before the weekend, thus reducing the risk to his health and preventing the cost of a visit to the emergency department.

This is just one important success story showing how an HIE is meant to protect you. For more information regarding the HIE for the state of Idaho, please visit our website at: or to hear more about HIEs, please view the video available here: or visit this website:

To read more about the Idaho Health Data Exchange’s Privacy and Security policies, please visit our website at:

With the understanding that HIEs are made for patient health – your health – if you are a resident of Idaho and decide you do not want to take part in the Idaho Health Data Exchange, please view the steps to Opt-Out here:

Nir Menachemi, Saurabh Rahurkar, Christopher A Harle, Joshua R Vest; The benefits of health information exchange: an updated systematic review, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, Volume 25, Issue 9, 1 September 2018, Pages 1259–1265,

IHDE Maintenance

IHDE is working on maintaining and improving our systems 

August 13, 2018

On Sunday August 19th, Orion Health will be performing maintenance for all Orion SaaS Hosted environments including production. Due to the scope of the work, it will require an extended downtime to implement. The maintenance is scheduled for six hours, the mutual goal of all teams is to minimize the duration of this event.

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HIE Connection made between Idaho and Utah!

Idaho and Utah HIE’s Connect to Exchange Data!

SOURCE: Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC)

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ADT notifications are being sent between the two states
Care can now be coordinated no matter where treatment occurs
Six-state Patient Center Data Home hub expanding across the West

BOISE, Idaho and SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – July 24, 2017 – The Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) and UHIN, the state-designated health information exchange (HIE) in Utah, have connected to exchange admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) notifications for patients who live in one of the states but have a medical encounter in the other state. These initial queries from HIE to HIE are based on the patient’s home zip code, and allow primary care physicians to better coordinate care no matter where the care occurs.

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Idaho Medicaid EHR Incentive Program!

Idaho Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program


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The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program was put in place to provide incentive payments to eligible professionals (EPs) and eligible hospitals (EHs) as they adopt, implement, and upgrade (AIU) a certified EHR technology system or for demonstrating meaningful use (MU) of such a system.  These payments are part of an effort to accelerate the adoption of Health Information Technology (HIT) and utilization of qualified EHRs.

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Launch of Orion Health HIE Clinical Portal

Idaho Health Data Exchange Launches Orion Health HIE Clinical Portal

Enhanced clinical data and functionality with one log-on access to patient data and images across systems

Boise, Idaho, December 8, 2015 – The Idaho Health Data Exchange announced today the launch of the new Clinical Portal by Orion Health.

The Clinical Portal provides a single unified view of patient data across and between healthcare organizations via an easy-to-use web-based portal that is accessible anywhere, anytime. Ease of use and configurability enable improved clerical and clinical workflow for clinicians in Idaho and the region to quickly and easily connect, coordinate and collaborate on their patients’ care.

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Idaho Health Data Exchange Launches Image Exchange with Saint Alphonsus Health System

Saint Al's PACS Postcard no indecia 10-31-14

Idaho Health Data Exchange Launches Image Exchange with Saint Alphonsus Health System

Idaho clinicians can access SAHS diagnostic-quality images, instantly through the IHDE

Boise, Idaho, November 4, 2014 – The Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) and Saint Alphonsus Health System (SAHS) announced today the launch of Image Exchange viewing capability by eHealth Technologies.

Image Exchange allows IHDE-authorized physicians, hospitals and clinicians to instantly access, view and collaborate on their patients’ SAHS diagnostic-quality images from the IHDE through a secure, universal web application. Powered by eHealth Technologies, images including X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, PET scans and ultrasounds that traditionally take hours or days to procure, are now available within seconds from the IHDE via Image Exchange. All images are available where and when they are needed, saving health care dollars from being wasted on unnecessary duplicated imaging procedures and time spent waiting to receive film copies, large file transfers or cd’s.

“The IHDE is excited to be able to offer participants this new functionality,” said Scott Carrell, Executive Director, Idaho Health Data Exchange. “It further develops IHDE’s ability to assist health care providers by providing them with easy access to images for the treatment of their patients.”

“We always strive to provide the very best in information security, accessibility, and convenience for our clinicians and patients,” said Rick Turner, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer at Saint Alphonsus Health System. “The Image Exchange is a positive step in achieving the best in patient care and universal access, and we are proud to be able to work with eHealthTechnologies and the Idaho Health Data Exchange in making the new technology a reality.”

“We are excited to be providing IHDE with the convenience of single click access to any diagnostic-quality image, right from the context of the patients’ record,” said Ken Rosenfeld, Chief Executive Officer and President, eHealthTechnologies. “IHDE and Saint Alphonsus Health System have joined a cadre of HIEs and hospitals, from coast to coast, who are realizing that sharing diagnostic-quality medical images is not only an effective way to provide better care and decrease cost, but is also very easy and quick to deploy.”

Idaho physicians using the IHDE Image Exchange feature can get easier and quicker access to images versus the traditional way of logging onto multiple sites, or calling and faxing in requests to hospitals’ imaging and medical records departments and independent imaging centers – and then waiting for cd’s to be burned and sent via mail, courier or with the patient.  As soon as an image has been signed off by a radiologist, it is available and accessible via the IHDE Image Exchange within seconds.