Idaho Health Data Exchange Announces Partnership With myhELO, To Offer Telehealth Access for Providers

July 07, 2020 (Boise, ID) – The Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE) announces its new partnership with myhELO, a telehealth technology provider.

IHDE’s partnership with myhELO will provide rapid, reliable access to patients via secure messaging, video, automated email and text updates, reminders and more.  IHDE believes this HIPAA compliant new service will add value for their existing stakeholders, helping them to continue providing vital healthcare services to Idaho’s citizens and communities.

In March, IHDE rolled out an initiative to allow temporary, free IHDE Clinical Portal access to providers throughout the State due to COVID-19.  To continue to support the community during COVID-19, IHDE will provide free telehealth access for the first six months.

“IHDE remains committed to delivering services that help providers navigate the current healthcare landscape in Idaho, particularly in our vulnerable rural communities,” said Dr. Craig Jones, Chief Medical Officer, IHDE.  “As the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, IHDE’s partnership with myhELO will assist providers in delivering high-quality care in a safe, healthy environment through telehealth versus in-person appointments.”

IHDE’s continued goal is to provide services that address the social, behavioral, and medical needs of the population throughout the State, including resource shortages in Idaho’s rural communities, to aid Idahoans during this healthcare pandemic.

Providers who are interested in learning more about the myhELO services, or to sign-up for an account should contact IHDE at


About Idaho Data Health Exchange:

Idaho Health Data Exchange (IHDE), a non-profit 501(c)(3) company, is Idaho’s statewide Health Information Exchange, dedicated to meeting the needs of healthcare providers and ensuring that Idaho’s citizens receive the most effective health services possible. To achieve these goals, IHDE is working with a wide-array of stakeholders and actively building a best in breed technology infrastructure to provide access to reliable data and information, combining traditional healthcare data with other data sources to help address the medical, behavioral, and social needs that influence the well-being of Idahoans.  In addition to technology enhancements to improve overall performance, an array of tools aimed at improving patient outcomes will be made available to IHDE participants, including: a telehealth platform, a remote patient monitoring system, and a social determinants of health platform. As a trusted data sharing partner in Idaho, IHDE looks forward to bringing you a new suite of service offerings to improve quality of health outcomes and reduce the cost of care. For more information, visit:

About myhELO:

myhELO is a nonprofit organization with a complete digital system for healthcare. With patients and providers at the core of everything, myhELO was built from the ground up to address the inefficiencies of today’s healthcare technology. In myhELO, each patient owns a complete digital medical record, giving them the control and privacy they deserve. Providers use myhELO to care for their patients and run their organizations, replacing old, disjointed systems with one seamless, easy-to-use system. With a comprehensive solution for patients and providers, myhELO is changing the way the world does healthcare.


Prudence Vincent